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A Pet for Grandma

My Filipino friend Ana gave me the idea for this book. After reading my chapter book Véro and Philippe, which is based on my childhood, she asked, 'Did you really have a pet snail when you were growing up in France? I had a pet beetle, like lots of kids in the Philippines.'

Book description

To cheer up his Filipino grandma, Ken gives her a pet beetle.

As a result, he discovers a part of her he never knew about: when she was a young girl in the Philippines, she loved keeping pet beetles too!

Levels: Guided Reading Level H
Reading Recovery: 14-15
Seedling Level: Fluent


Paperback, 12 pages, 242 words
Publisher: Seedling Publications (Continental Press)

ISBN-10 0-84544-680-0
ISBN-13 978-0-84544-680-5

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Illustrator Suzanne Accetta

Suzanne Accetta has been drawing and painting professionally for over twenty-five years. She has won numerous awards and her paintings are exhibited internationally in public, private, and corporate collections. She has designed critically acclaimed theater sets, and she teaches drawing and painting for the theater at Otterbein College. To see more of Suzanne's art works, click on

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